Storage 1: trinkets

Storage 1

A small display cabinet of trinkets, chosen mainly because they fitted into the spaces available.

1. Two items from a child’s railway set, a carriage and a dumper container, formerly enjoyed by our grown-up kids. Before they were grown-up, of course. Continue reading “Storage 1: trinkets”

Bad neighbours · Portals

Bad neighbours 1

Bad neighbours 1
Bad neighbours 1

On the right, one of the gates to Kensington Palace.
Each pillar is surmounted by one of the Royal Coat of Arms supporters, the lion and the unicorn, the first for England, the second for Scotland, adopted after the union of the two countries at the beginning of the 18th century.
Wrought iron railings and gates guard the approach; bicycles take advantage of them; carriage lamps light the way.

On the left, Continue reading “Bad neighbours 1”