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Portals 2: bearpit


I certainly don’t make it a habit to photograph Ladies loos, but this was just so … unusual.

Situated in the middle of a traffic roundabout, this pedestrian underpass in Bristol is well nicknamed as the Bearpit.
Over the years the rank brutalism of this sixties architectural mistake has been reclaimed by less affluent members of society, not always in ways that made it a safe or pleasant concourse to cross.
Nowadays, apparently with the blessing of the council, it is a tolerable area to pass through: buskers and stallholders bring a less threatening atmosphere, and much of the street furniture and decor has been customised.

So, this being the Bearpit, inconguous gateway to the Broadmead shopping experience, what more appropriate than an ambiguous teddy bear pointing the way, via painted paw prints, to a comfort stop?

Broadmead portal


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