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Textured glass

Textured glass abstract 
rendering mysterious
objects behind it


Signs 2

cistern float

Great Chesterfield, Essex

In villages where buildings which formerly displayed signs advertising trades are now gentrified, what’s one to do with a redundant pole?
Here’s one solution: a resident has wittily placed an old cistern ball float and valve in the vacant space.
Nevertheless, this is definitely not a home going down the pan.


Redundant pole, Great Chesterford


I’ve got a golden ticket

Worth voting for Kate Shrewsday. Penguin has run a competition. They want a Penguin Wayfarer: someone to walk Britain during the Summer, chronicling the journey, talking about paths old and new, exploring the stories and myths that surround them. The Wayfarer will share in writing, in film, and in tweets. Kate (http://kateshrewsday.com/) has reached the final twenty…

Kate Shrewsday

Let’s just, for a moment, overlook the fact that Grandpa, in that classic first make of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, is not the one who has won the golden ticket.

He’s happy.

In fact, the ticket winner is little Charlie. Cheer-up Charlie. Charlie, against whom the odds were stacked so high they must surely have crushed him. Charlie, who stood for honest-to-goodness integrity in the face of gluttony, avarice and greed. Whilst others got their parents and promoters to spend outrageous sums for the one thing they could not have automatically, Charlie relied on fate to bring the golden ticket to him.

But we all join Grandpa in being elated. In incredulity that finally, just perhaps, the tide of unfortunate events might be about to change.

And of course, for Grandpa, and for Charlie, life was about to alter forever.

This does not happen in real life.

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