Sculpture 10

lines 1 DSC02671

May you tread the maze | with your fingers following | labyrinthine lanes

Peter Randall-Page’s Between the Lines 2007 Continue reading “Sculpture 10”


Vista 1

tower vista

Vista of St Paul’s tower, Bristol, from Cabot Circus shopping complex.

This is one of several vistas created at the 21st-century Cabot Circus, using architectural features to frame architecture from an earlier period.

This looks towards the Georgian district of St Pauls, Bristol, with its refurbished terraces and redundant church, known locally as the ‘wedding cake church’ and reminiscent of a pagoda.


Sculpture 8


Angel bench ends, All Saints, Great Chesterford, Essex

Great Chesterford’s church dates from the 13th century though these pleasing angels, on benches currently in the chancel, look to me to be Victorian.

One of the four angels, tragically, has a broken wing but the remaining three look whole and entire. Continue reading “Sculpture 8”