Shadows 3


setting sun in Spring
slanting lines turn green grass to
glassy emerald


Abstract 12

battersea shield

Battersea Shield (detail), British Museum
mobile phone photographs taken through glass

circles, spiral shapes | pushing up polished surface | shining sheet bronze shield

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Stone heads

Stone head 14

Head of John the Baptist, Victoria & Albert
Head of John the Baptist, Victoria & Albert Museum
Arms of Merchant Taylors guild above door, Bristol
Arms of Bristol Merchant Taylors Guild above door

Above An alabaster head of John the Baptist as demanded by Salome, in the V&A. English, 15th century
Below The porch hood of the Guild of Merchant Taylors Guild, central Bristol, showing their arms and, on the left, the head of John the Baptist on a platter Continue reading “Stone head 14”


Flash! Breaking news … update on the pissotte saga

Now these aren’t items you usually come across!
Some more of those ‘little things in life’, this time in Venice, reblogged from ytaba36

Hello World

You know how some folks say those things in the corners in Venice are to deter the male of the human species from relieving themselves?

And others say, “No, they were there in the bad old days, before Edison had his light-bulb moment, and the streets were all dark, and these things stopped the thugs from hiding and leaping out to do whatever thugs do”.  (Are you still with me?)

Here’s a thing in a corner, to refresh your memory:


Well, someone posted a photo of one of these things on Facebook, and the battle was on, with the respondents (all Venetians) firmly split into one of the 2 camps. But, the comment I liked best (probably because I agreed with the fellow) had this to say:

Avete ragione tutti e due. i più antichi, spesso ornati con immagini sacre sulla sommità, servivano da deterrente ai criminali. quelli più moderni…

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