Pillar 4: Meini Gwyr


Embanked stone circle, Glandy Cross, Carmarthenshire

The two remaining stones, out of some seventeen, in Meini Gwyr (‘crooked monolith’), though a stump or two are just visible protruding from beneath the turf.

Dating from the late Neolithic or early Bronze Age — about four thousand years ago — the stone circle is also sometimes known as Buarth Arthur (‘Arthur’s Yard’) though of course the legendary king has no real connection with this site.

The monument is part a sadly depleted megalithic complex on the Pembrokeshire / Carmarthenshire border, among which are the remains of barrows, standing stones and other slight features.


Glandy Cross
Reconstruction of Meini Gwyr from information panel

Below you may just about make out the inside curve of the raised bank into which the stones have been placed.



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