Good neighbours

Good neighbours 6: BBC Bristol

BBC Bristol

A peek at part of BBC Bristol, Whiteladies Road, Bristol

A sympathetic 1980s extension of the old 1934 BBC studios begins at the left.
Picking up architectural details, scale, proportions, texture and colour from the traditionally sober original, the new buildings managed to avoid the brutalism of the sixties as well as the ubiquitous Toytown façades that were all the rage elsewhere in the city in the eighties.
The effect is only let down by the crass insertion of a vent in the left hand blind entrance and a failure to reinstate the missing urn, the shadow staining of which is still visible.


2 thoughts on “Good neighbours 6: BBC Bristol

  1. My guess: the vent is the result of modern building regulations, and the urn might be found in the garden of someone involved at some point in the construction process. I have to say, however, that I like the shadow urn — ominous yet nostalgic — a reminder that nothing lasts.


    1. Fair points, Lizzie! I suppose it could have been worse: even if planning regs stopped the vent being a horrible colour they could have restored the urn in fibreglass. The urn though was probably only in relief, and I suspect that it was made from Bath Stone, a limestone which is susceptible to weathering, and may have simply crumbled away. But I agree that the shadow urn is both beautiful and poetic.


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