Reflections 19: Golden Hinde


Replica of Sir Francis Drake’s ship The Golden Hinde
reflected in an office window


6 thoughts on “Reflections 19: Golden Hinde

    1. They look similar in size, don’t they, Lizzie. Though I haven’t yet found dimensions for the Half Moon, the Golden Hinde replica is 120 feet long and 20 feet wide in the beam, according to; is singularly unhelpful in this regard.

      Neither is as small as the replica of the Matthew, the original of which sailed from Bristol in 1497. The Bristolian crew members under the Italian Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) were to be the first Europeans known to have set foot on the North American shore (my picture here:


        1. Meant to say that John Cabot was the first named European to set foot on North America according to contemporary evidence — I do of course know about the archaeological evidence for Norse settlement in Newfoundland and the references to Vinland in the sagas (though these aren’t contemporary with the events described). Theoretically Leif Ericson and his crew may have been the first — and I’m happy to give way on this!

          Thanks for the link. Looks like the Half Moon was about three-quarters of the size of the Golden Hinde. The Matthew of Bristol looks to be about the same size as Hudson’s ship:


          1. I’m astonished those men willingly set sail in something so small and flimsy, but of course that’s all they knew. Still … they needed full faith in the captain, navigator, and a Supreme Being to have embarked on their voyages. They deserve to be remembered.


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