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Pillar 5: Cornel Bach

Cornel Bach 1

Pair of standing stones north of Maenclochog, Pembrokeshire

A particular acoustic phenomenon of some Preseli rocks is their resonance, and it’s been suggested that Cornel Bach (“little corner”) could be the remains of a burial chamber — blown up in the 18th century — which supposedly gave the name “ringing stone” to Maenclochog village. Some photographs show the triangular stone nearest the hedge with adjacent stones, now mostly hidden; the National Monuments Record of Wales lists only a pair of standing stones.

8 thoughts on “Pillar 5: Cornel Bach

    1. It is, isn’t it! There are several Bronze Age and Neolithic monuments in the area, many within easy walking distance of where we live. Despite years of speculation there’s little agreement about their primary purposes.


          1. I’d like not to miss the class system too, though there’s always going to be some division based on power and influence, whatever the system. Better the devil you know…


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