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Building 16: Blaise hamlet

Model workers’ cottages, Blaise hamlet, Henbury, Bristol

More early 19th-century model estate-worker cottages in Romantick rustic style
These pictures for Julie and Lizzie


11 thoughts on “Building 16: Blaise hamlet

  1. Thanks, Calmgrove! Yes, Romantick is the right word. The perfect combination of romance and shtick. I could live in one of these (depending on the plumbing and heating, of course).


    1. Oh, I think they have some mod cons, Lizzie. As I understand, some are lived in (so long as you don’t mind your home being gawped at) and the National Trust rents a couple of them out as holiday cottages. But don’t quote me on that!


          1. This must be an example of a certain kind of irony: the architect designing little jewels for the workers, whose wives might have wished for fewer corners and stairs. If the NT does rent these and I decide to splurge, I’ll invite you for tea!


  2. Just checked the NT site — all the cottages are lived in, so no rentals at Blaise Hamlet. Tea elsewhere. (BTW, long ago I stayed at Ightham Mote in Kent for a week — gorgeous, especially when the grounds closed to day visitors and we had the grounds to ourselves. We were in one of the out-buildings, not the main house, but it still had the flavor of living in the past. Lesson: NT, if one has the means, provides excellent time-travel-ish accommodations.)


  3. I’ll move in today 🙂
    Thank you Calmgrove—now you may claim real-estate as a new profession because I am sold!
    Yet sadly, I bet it’s not for sale and if it were—I’d need a king’s ransom 🙂
    So lovely—thank you for sharing and thinking of me
    hugs to you—Julie


    1. No, sadly not for sale as it’s National Trust, but at least we the public can enjoy the cottages from the outside. Shall I have to start looking for other likely properties for you?


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