Pillar · vista

Vista 11: posts



Town beach, Newport, Pembrokeshire

see twelve apostles
marching out to sea; high tide,
walking on water


11 thoughts on “Vista 11: posts

    1. That’s mean, Lizzie, reminding me I’ve still to tackle that Ransome book series!
      However, in deference to public opinion, the monochrome shot with the shadows takes pride of place.


        1. I think so — or at least hope so! Mind you, I read The Borrowers a little while ago as a standalone; I’ve now acquired an omnibus edition of all the titles, as hefty as The Earthsea Quartet — for the purposes of review should I count this as one book or should I make things easy for myself and treat them all separately?


          1. Well, more bang for your buck, so to speak, if you review one at a time, but for DIB purposes, one series = one book. BTW, does your omnibus include the story of Poor Stainless?


          2. Yes, Poor Stainless is included. I’ve got the revised 1994 edition of The Complete Borrowers, published just two years after Norton died. I loved the tone of the first book and its many-layered realities, so just a little trepidant about whether the remaining titles maintain the magic.


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