Vista 11: posts



Town beach, Newport, Pembrokeshire

see twelve apostles
marching out to sea; high tide,
walking on water


11 thoughts on “Vista 11: posts

    • That’s mean, Lizzie, reminding me I’ve still to tackle that Ransome book series!
      However, in deference to public opinion, the monochrome shot with the shadows takes pride of place.


        • I think so — or at least hope so! Mind you, I read The Borrowers a little while ago as a standalone; I’ve now acquired an omnibus edition of all the titles, as hefty as The Earthsea Quartet — for the purposes of review should I count this as one book or should I make things easy for myself and treat them all separately?


          • Well, more bang for your buck, so to speak, if you review one at a time, but for DIB purposes, one series = one book. BTW, does your omnibus include the story of Poor Stainless?


          • Yes, Poor Stainless is included. I’ve got the revised 1994 edition of The Complete Borrowers, published just two years after Norton died. I loved the tone of the first book and its many-layered realities, so just a little trepidant about whether the remaining titles maintain the magic.


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