Reflections 24: pool


Messing about on the river…
Actually, a pool, created in just two years**
Glyn Bach gardens, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Part of the National Gardens Scheme, this six-acre site is an oasis of colour, wildlife and sensitive planning

** I’m told this is not strictly true — the pond was pre-existing — but that it has been extensively added to in terms of planting and hard-landscaping


7 thoughts on “Reflections 24: pool

  1. Hello, this is Carole from Glyn Bach Gardens. How lovely to see such beautiful photos of the pool! Thank you! And, you are quite right – the pool was excavated about 20 years ago, by the gorgeous ex-owner, Len, who lived here for 37 years. It is fed from springs at the top end and flows through to an existing stream. Len bought the boat from one of his friends so that he could periodically get in to clear the weed and we use it for the same purpose today. Alas, no signs of ratty, but we do have newts, toads, grass snakes and plentiful bird life, including Marsh tits and Spotted Flycatchers.
    Love your site – fab shots of the surrounding areas!


    1. Thanks, Carole, wondered if you’d find these! Such a gorgeous day for the NGS open house, and such a delightful find! Thanks too for putting me right about the date of the pool — I suppose I’d never really spotted it from the road before!


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