Stone heads

Stone head 28: weathered

Another two pairs of medieval monarchs,
St Mary’s Church, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire
St Andrew’s Church, Congresbury, North Somerset

A little worse for wear from being exposed, either side of exterior doors or windows, to all weathers: stained, broken-nosed, ignored and a little unloved. Great fashion sense though!


4 thoughts on “Stone head 28: weathered

    1. And what I like about them is that there are probably fascinating stories behind them: who carved them? Why kings and queens in these positions? Which monarchs are they meant to be? Did someone ordinary model for them? What did they look like painted up (because most of these carvings were originally coloured)?


  1. Just as calmgrove said, am always intrigued as to what stories that might be behind them. Always curious to know who if anyone modeled for them as many look so distinctive and as if the stonemason knew someone just like the head he was carving. I always remind myself as well, just about all the stonework would have been brightly painted and I suppose by modern standards of taste, rather garish, but like imagining how they would have appeared. You do sometimes see ones which still have a bit of colour on them, which has a wonderful softened patina and noticed in a few churches, they have deliberately painted bosses and some carvings to look as they would have done in the middle ages. Lovely to see these.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. To us I suppose the colours would seem garish, but like fairground rides they would have attracted attention and been visible from a distance, an illuminated manuscript in stone. I was privileged many years ago to see from up close the larger than life-size statues on Wells Cathedral front, and be shown the traces of paint on the backs of the figures where nobody but the artisans would have seen them.


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