Sculpture 28: Ivor Novello

Ivor Novello

Statue of Cardiff-born Ivor Novello, Cardiff Bay

Born David Ivor Davies, he took his professional surname from his mother’s maiden name, presumably because it was more distinctive than keeping the same name as his father, David Davies. The seven-foot bronze statue by Peter Nicholas was unveiled in 2009; the figure twists around in its seat, distracted from composing a piece, to peer around at the Wales Millennium Centre.



7 thoughts on “Sculpture 28: Ivor Novello

  1. Instantly brings to mind ‘The Dancing Years’, and the song ‘Rose of England’, but first and formost of them, ‘We’ll Gather Lilacs’. There were so many more, of course. An extrordinarily good-looking man, too.


    1. He certainly was, Lizzie. I’d forgotten he was in ‘Gosford Park’ until we saw it again recently.

      I’d also almost forgotten the film was a rollcall of great character actors and a first run for the scriptwriter’s later success with ‘Downton’.


      1. I actually prefer the film to the series, which quickly became too soap-opera-ish. Perhaps ‘Downton’ needs a murder (and not just the inconveniently mysterious death of a tertiary character)!


        1. ‘Downton’ quickly morphed from a mostly believable series set in a historic period into a posh ‘Dynasty’, with lazy scripts. I lost interest when one character mentioned experiencing a ‘steep learning curve’.


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