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Portals 1: windows of mortality

Bristol graffiti 1

Bristol is a breeding-ground for graffiti-artists, the best known of whom is Banksy.
This Terry Gilliam-like work is not by him, however.

Rest in Peace Dad is a mural just down the road from where I used to live, and is the latest of several murals to adorn this wall; it’s also the most moving.

The ‘portal’ you can see is in fact the blocked doorway to an early 19th-century Regency building in Picton Street, in the Bristol district of Montpelier.

Picton Street is itself named after one of most notorious British generals of the Napoleonic Wars; he died at Waterloo in 1815, but gave his name to several streets in Britain, and even to some public houses.
I wonder what he would have thought of this daubing.

March 2013 post re-posted


5 thoughts on “Portals 1: windows of mortality

    1. We used to live in Bristol and even ten years ago street art culture was vibrant: this example is/was at the bottom of our street (it may have transformed by now). A few more Bristol murals are scattered through MyNewShy…

      Hope to see your photos in due course!

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