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Portals: hobbit’s


False entrance, Llangattock, near Crickhowell Bridge, Powys

There’s a nice local notion that Crickhowell might be the inspiration for Crickhollow in the first book of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings (not The Hobbit, as I’ve seen it referred to). If that was so, then the River Brandywine would be the equivalent of the River Usk. As an etymologist Tolkien possibly intended that the first element of Crickhollow would be derived from crúg, meaning ‘mound’ or ‘hill’ in Welsh; and the Welsh town Crickhowell of course derives from Crug Hywel, the hillfort of Hywel (in English, Howell).

Be that as it may, this mock door on the road up to Llangattock — complete with door knocker, handle and letter box —  might be more suitable for a tree-dwelling hobbit than one who lived in a hollow, or especially a hole in the ground.


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