Pillar: greenery


Crickhowell gravestones 1
William Pugh’s memorial, St Edmunds churchyard


3 thoughts on “Pillar: greenery

    1. Thanks, Sue, and there’s more to come in this style! They all have some decorative detail at the head of the stone, above the epitaph, typical of 19th century but singularly missing in the mid to late 20th-century gravestones around here.

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  1. Gorgeous decorative motifs like these disappeared because tastes changed, but also perhaps because the work became too expensive? I hope not because the skills have vanished.
    I walk around cities and wonder why buildings designed and constructed after the 1940s/1950s are so austere, and I can’t help thinking they reflect a modern rebuttal to exuberance, a turning away from joy towards something not just utilitarian, but perhaps even Puritan.
    Yet perhaps the Beaux Arts style hasn’t disappeared, it’s merely shifted to our own bodies: clothing, jewelry, hair, tattoos, etc.
    Ah well, that’s enough analysis for one day. I have to grade papers now.


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