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Portals: windows and doors

Gallery of windows and doors in Crickhowell, Carmarthen and St Davids


4 thoughts on “Portals: windows and doors

    1. As I posted comments with these pictures when they first appeared I anticipated boredom with repeated histories, Lizzie!

      However, in brief, the double window frontage was, I believe, formerly a butcher’s shop in Crickhowell;
      the Crickhowell church spire seen through the arch was a controversial Victorian addition to a medieval tower;
      the ancient wooden door is to the gatehouse of St Davids Cathedral (now a lapidarium or old stones museum);
      the view through a doorway to an unglazed window is from Usk Castle (forgot to mention that in the caption);
      the sepia doorway was the entrance to Carmarthen’s School of Art;
      the remaining portals are in Crickhowell (Bridge Street yellow door, gates to the Tudor gatehouse Porth Mawr, and view from our attic)

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  1. I see now! Maybe there’s a link between them all: budding artist in her/his garret, drop-out from art school, buys food on way to sketch haunted gatehouse; in the morning food is found but no artist …


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