neoclassicalHellenic hints in this 20th-century stripped-back neoclassical façade in central London

Is it just me or can you see a face here?


4 thoughts on “Hellenic

    1. I see what you mean, Lizzie — and what a disturbing cartoon! Though maybe my childhood self would simply have accepted it. I remember when, growing up in Hong Kong in the fifties, there were loads of these Fleischer and other cartoons on TV before I went to school. Thank goodness for YouTube where these glimpses of yesteryear are still visible, thanks to the more benign and democratic aspects of the internet!

      Actually, having recently watched the latest Star Wars film with my son, what I had in mind was Darth Vader, as my daughter also noted.

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      1. I haven’t seen SW7 yet, Chris, so I didn’t make that connection. ‘Bimbo’s Initiation’ has always been a favorite of mine — it must say something about me that I’ve remembered it fondly for so long. As soon as YouTube became a thing, I started looking for this and other childhood memory bytes. Lots of Sesame Street favorites are there as well. But beware the internet — aka the black hole of time!

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