flowersAquilegia vulgaris


6 thoughts on “Blue

    1. Thanks, Lynne! I particularly liked the contrast between the blues and the greens here as I dashed down the garden path on the way to the car.

      As we’re remodelling the garden the aquilegia blues have now been devastated (they were past their best) but I suspect they’ll pop up unbidden in future years …

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      1. Yes I am sure they will, and the blue and green do contrast lovey against each other. Good luck with the remodelling, we have been for the last nine years, we took on an acre of lawn, which was lovely just cut the grass, but so boring……ha ha, give me boring any day….no its getting there and keeps us fit 🙂

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        1. When we had a half-acre of ‘garden’ (I use the word advisedly: we planted a few fruit trees in it which gave a handful of shrivelled-up fruit) I soon learned it was less time-consuming to just mow paths through the grass — they looked inviting and arty-farty and required just an hour of work once a week in the summer. We now have no grass to cut except that which pokes out between the paving …

          The adjacent two-and-half-acre field became an organic wildflower meadow, cut by a neighbouring farmer just once a year in late summer. Whew!

          Alas, too late as advice for you, Lynne!

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          1. Oh I like the sound of that, an organic wildflower meadow. As you say though, alas too late for me, but 3/4 of the garden does look lovely, I’m just not looking at our wild patch at the moment, maybe year ten will see the end of that ha ha ha 🙂

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