What a tower!

water tower

Redundant 20th-century water tower, Clifton, Bristol
A concrete structure currently being refurbished and repurposed for occupation


4 thoughts on “What a tower!

    1. It looked like it (though I omitted all the fencing and preparatory building work in evidence just below this shot) and, having seen other TV makeover programmes re-visioning other watertowers, I don’t doubt it’s possible to make something unique and handsome!

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    1. I suspect that the structure — despite its relative modernity — is on a register and that there are limits to what can be added or taken away. It’s on public open space (and has been there as long as I can remember) so it will need to be sensitively converted without compromising what architectural integrity it has. But then you know all that of course, as your wonderful pictorial catalogue shows!


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