Statue in niche, Berkeley Square, Clifton, Bristol
This is a detail from the top stage of a copy of Bristol’s medieval High Cross, now in Stourhead, Wiltshire. The Victorian copy is as you can see much worn, and here features Edward VII — you may just make out the WAR of his name at his feet


2 thoughts on “Sad

    1. Edward VI died too young to grow a beard … I’m surmising from the much-worn lettering and thinness of figure that this is Edward Prince of Wales before he ascended the throne: by the time Victoria died in 1901 he had grown rather portly, and would have needed two niches!

      The ruff? I think this may be a deliberate archaism, to echo the (late) medieval figures which would have occupied the niches of the original. His sad look may come from waiting a long time to become king!

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