scipioThe grave of Scipio Africanus, Henbury churchyard, Bristol

I who was Born a PAGAN and a SLAVE
Now Sweetly Sleep a CHRISTIAN in my Grave
What tho’ my hue was dark my SAVIORS sight
Shall Change this darkness into radiant light
Such grace to me my Lord on earth has given
To recommend me to my Lord in heaven
Whose glorious second coming I await
With saints and Angels Him to celebrate


Lieth the Body of
Negro Servant to the Right
Honourable Charles William
Earl of Suffolk and Bradon
who died the 21st December
1720 Aged 18 Years

Flowers grow freely over the grave of one who should be remembered for who he was as well as what he represented


9 thoughts on “Scipio

          1. Thank you, but how strange that he had those amazing headstones (well head & foot ) so many questions and not enough answers…..oh well….another of life great mysteries …ha ha šŸ™‚


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