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gateway A selection of gates posted over the years, from Llangenny, Crickhowell, Abergavenny, Tredegar, Bristol and London


gate gate gate park1canal gateway And the shadow of a gate in a monumental masons yard, Haverfordwestshadows 1 gate


7 thoughts on “Gates

      1. Why I should have such a liking for gates I am not sure. I will have to ruminate on it and see if I can’t open some in my mind. Having just read the chapter “The opening of the black gate” in The Return of the King”, perhaps I should leave that rumination for a little while so as not to be influenced by the doom! Having said that, I didn’t think that I would get such great pleasure from another reading of Lord of the Rings but there you go, it is good 😄

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        1. I think gates and doors and suchlike portals have a deep psychological resonance for humans — the point of no return perhaps, entry to another room or state or life — and it’s no coincidence that we talk of the Pearly Gates to heaven, and that going through a wardrobe or into a Tardis or even a carriage is so significant in fairytales, fantasy, SF and religions the world over.

          The portal itself often becomes more than symbolic, admired for its workmanship or oddness and aesthetic worth (as with these photos of gates). And we sometimes hesitate to cross through — it may be because we fear the Lurker at the Threshold or are anxious about what else awaits: Campbell’s monomyth of course sees the hero or heroine crossing the threshold to adventure, that universal narrative that negates stasis.

          So, Alastair, you’re not alone in your fascination! Of course LOTR is full of these crossover points, some physical like the Black Gate or the dwarf door to Moria, others more personal like Frodo entering Mount Doom or sparing Gollum.

          Now I realise I must have enough material to compose a post for my other blog! I’m forward now to your upcoming gate photos. 🙂

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  1. All that you say is undeniable – (not that I was thinking of denying it 😉 – but it is specifically the kinds of gates I encounter (hmm, is that a loaded word?) on my walks and StillWalks production walks that I find so interesting, enjoyable and useful to the purpose of a StillWalks video. They act as a way marker or a mile stone that contributes importantly to the animation brought to the image sequence by the audio and provide a “chapter” for the viewer within the story of the walk.

    One of the things I will need to consider in my ruminations on this is the fact these gates are a part of a larger whole. They also allow the walker to see what is coming next. While this acts as a point of decision as to whether to continue or turn back may be relevant to the walker, but it is less so for the viewer of a StillWalks video which only last between 5 and 10 minutes.

    Now I must go and check out Lurker at the Threshold!

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