booksNew Year’s resolution: read more books!


8 thoughts on “Resolution

    1. Well, some at least! Unfortunately I was given a book voucher for a substantial amount at the end of the year — I’ll have to read and recycle a lot of these before I can acquire new ones, Lynne. Ha!

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  1. I thought about joining in on a book reading challenge but the one’s are fiction driven. I have a three shelf bookcase overflowing with non-fiction books. I decided to challenge myself to read them or toss them in a give away box. The real challenge will be keeping myself from weekly library trip to see what’s new, and your wonderful book recommendations.

    Happy New Year Chris!

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    1. I find I can best manage keeping up with non-fiction by keeping one or two NF books by the bedside to dip into between whatever novel(s) I’m currently reading. I too find the proximity of a library a distraction, Sari, as I keep picking up new stuff — despite the fact I’ve already got a mountain of unread books on my shelves. But I also feel honour bound to support the local branch to keep its issue numbers up, particularly now the battle to keep it from closure has just been won.

      I can only apologise for the book recommendations. But I shan’t stop making them!

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