Seven stairways

escalator1The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, near Bristol

galleriesCabot Circus shopping precinct, BristolgarthThe cathedral cloisters, St Davids, PembrokeshirewalkwayBedwellty Park, TredegarDSCF0322The Clifton Arcade, Clifton, Bristolcathedral steps upCathedral steps, Llandaff, CardiffSenedd stairsSenedd (Welsh Assembly), Cardiff


4 thoughts on “Seven stairways

    1. Emojis/emoticons (I’m never sure if there’s a distinction) are curious things, aren’t they, modern day hieroglyphics that suggest some kind of universal historical regression is going on! I tend to resort only to 🙂 and 😀 as I seem to be rather emotionally inhibited … (I also am partial to the three dots at the ends of sentences, indicating a significant pause for thought, for which there is a specialist term though I’ve forgotten what.)

      Yes, stairways. I’m not as obsessed with them as some Instagrammers are, but they do have the same appeal as doors and windows as visual metaphors for crucial moments in our lives. And death, of course. Anyway, glad you like this selection, Alastair!

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      1. Hmm. I only use about three of them and actually I hate them – graphically speaking anyway. My phone decided it should use them and I didn’t get round to doing anything about it so I guess I’m now in the habit. I can only think of a stairway to heaven musically (Led Zeppelin) but it Ines to mind every time there is a mention of stairs. Is that another mental trap I find myself in? At least I like the track 🙂

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