The bells, the bells

Partrishow bellsPartrishow 3:

The west end of the 11th-century nave

The eglwys-y-bedd or ‘church of the grave’ (13th/14th century) is in the foreground, assumed to house the grave of founder St Issui;
the bells were add in the early 20th century


4 thoughts on “The bells, the bells

    1. I have, but as a teenager, skimming rapidly! I also have visual memories of the Classics Illustrated version — what would now be called a graphic novel. Yes *sigh* probably time for a more mature and considered perusal …

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      1. It was a long time ago for me too but the memory is good. Read The Count of Monte Cristo around the same time and thoroughly enjoyed that too, though that may be cos I read it on a beach in sunny Spain lol.

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        1. Our son was studying Frankenstein for GCSE around the time we holidayed in Chamonix, where some of the book is set — on the Mer de Glace. Nothing like being somewhere where a book’s localised, helps enrich the imagination! 🙂

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