The bells, the bells

Partrishow bellsPartrishow 3:

The west end of the 11th-century nave

The eglwys-y-bedd or ‘church of the grave’ (13th/14th century) is in the foreground, assumed to house the grave of founder St Issui;
the bells were add in the early 20th century


4 thoughts on “The bells, the bells

    • I have, but as a teenager, skimming rapidly! I also have visual memories of the Classics Illustrated version — what would now be called a graphic novel. Yes *sigh* probably time for a more mature and considered perusal …

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        • Our son was studying Frankenstein for GCSE around the time we holidayed in Chamonix, where some of the book is set — on the Mer de Glace. Nothing like being somewhere where a book’s localised, helps enrich the imagination! 🙂

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