Tomb effigies

The remains of an effigy of Sir Grimbald Pauncefote (died 1287) lies in a recess in the chancel of St Edmund’s church, Crickhowell.

An adjacent recess contains an early 14th century effigy of Lady Sibyl Pauncefote. She is portrayed with no hands: as the local legend has it, Lady Sybil Pauncefote cut off her hand and sent it as ransom payment for her husband’s release during the crusades.’ And the effigy is cited as proof …

(There’s a fine attempt to unravel this confusing legend at church also contains alabaster effigies of Sir John Herbert of Dan y Castell, Crickhowell and his wife Lady Joan Herbert

As promised, these images are for Lynne at


7 thoughts on “Tomb effigies

  1. Thank you Chris, if only you could have a conversation with them, especially Sir Grimbald Pauncefote, he must have been quite special for his wife to cut of her hand. I’m off to look at the website 🙂

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