St Edmunds

Probably the only church in Wales dedicated to this East Anglian royal saint, St Edmunds, Crickhowell was founded around 1300 by Lady Sybil Pauncefote (née Sybil de Turberville) who also rebuilt Crickhowell castle in stone.

Largely restored in the Victorian period, it still retains some medieval features.

Victorian door furniture Harmless figure in St Edmunds churchyard

Ruins of Alisby’s Castle, Crickhowell


7 thoughts on “St Edmunds

    1. Yes, the same St Edmund! A quintessential English saint (one martyred by the Vikings, shot by arrows in East Anglia if I remember my history right) with a church dedication in Wales — rubbing it in a bit methinks! The church at Bury St Edmunds (aka Edmundsbury) is worth a visit, if you’re ever in the vicinity!

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