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Aix en plein air

Street view and sky, Aix-en-Provence. Honey-coloured façades dominate …


16 thoughts on “Aix en plein air

    1. We were blessed with those lovely late September days (“goose summer” days they used to be called, from which we get the word “gossamer” after trails of delicate spider web threads at this time of year). Perfect time of year to visit southern Europe!

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      1. Yes I would agree with you about the time, unless like us you got rained upon, even in the South of France on the French Riviera it rained, they hadn’t had rain for 4 months, we arrived and it rained. Thank goodness not all the time 🙂

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          1. Ha ha, I have been confined to bed for the last four days, with the worst cold I have ever experienced, apart from flu. I know now, I didn’t get enough sunshine to get me through the winter….need to go somewhere extremely hot….now 🙂

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          2. Thank you, but even worse has happened now, just lost all the memory on my not very old laptop, have reverted to the old one which replaced it, but no photos on it. Luckily while been laid up, I download lots straight on to the blog, thank goodness…….taken my mind right of my cold 🙂

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