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Landscape: snow road ahead

Snow road

Snow Road Ahead

A sudden storm had carpeted the countryside with snow by late afternoon.

There being little likelihood of traffic at that time we wrapped up warm and walked into the village a mile and a half away.

Although there had been the odd 4WD passing us, we guessed that fewer drivers would risk the top road on the way back.

For once we were right, and were rewarded with this near pristine walk home.

The slopes, looking as tempting as a piste to ski down, made the return to a cosy fire and an evening meal that much more magical.

Sadly, something never quite duplicated since.

First posted February 26th 2013, reposted as Day One of an Advent Calendar

6 thoughts on “Landscape: snow road ahead

  1. I love this picture….. and your story which reminds me so much of my memories and impressions of the book ‘Little Grey Rabbit’s Christmas’ by Alison Uttley ( illustrated by Margaret Tempest) where the opening describes the animals wrapped up in their winter coats walking slowly from Market with their Christmas shopping , first as dots in the distance but getting ever nearer towards home and a warm fire. Your piece has the same atmosphere…… the silence of snow except for crunchy foot prints …… magic! Such a simple thing…. but magic.Thanks for reminding…

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    1. We’ve got seven of the Little Grey Rabbit books in the original hardback but sadly not that one, but one of the Blackberry Farm kids books has got a similar theme with charming illustrations and has the same nostalgic effect on us!


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