the little things in life


Minutiae are the little things in life, the trifling, piffling details that in themselves don’t amount to much but which, collectively, go towards adding colour and tone and structure to the bigger picture.

Pronounced something like “my new shy”, minutiae give their name to a blog that looks at the trivia that shouldn’t really matter but without which lives become bland and impersonal.

I’m a bit of a technophobe myself, so don’t go for complicated equipment. Most photos here are either from some common-or-garden point-and-shoot digital camera or other (occasionally with judicious cropping) or a mobile (that’ll be the more hazy bleary pics).


For slightly more consequential matters, do have a look at my calmgrove blog
Exploring the world of ideas through books may sound a little pretentious but it’s just an excuse to put out some thoughts about literature in general
Posts from calmgrove and MyNewShy reappear on my Tumblr page Minutiae




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8 thoughts on “the little things in life

  1. Hello!

    I thought it would take a peek at this mini blog as I have so enjoyed calmgrove!

    I love your little stained glass cyclist — my son Alex races and we have bikes sprinkled around our house, large and small, but no stained glass one as yet.

    My office is filled with tiny little mementos that I treasure. They keep me company as I write and perhaps even throw a word or two my way, though they’re not telling!

    Write on,


    1. Do hope you enjoy this mini blog as much as the more wordy (though maybe not more worthy) calmgrove blog.
      Little mementos are very precious but can start to clutter up the space that’s available; maybe virtual reality mementos online will substitute for them in our futures!


    1. Thanks very much, Miranda! (Is that the best way to address you?)

      For a good many years I’ve been intending to get on with painting in acrylic but never seem to have made time for it — too distracted by the instant results of Instagram (I suppose the clue’s in the name).

      By the way — daubing tulips, is that the modern equivalent of gilding the lily? 😁


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