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Vista 8: a tale of two spires


The uniform brutalist offices in Bristol’s historic city centre contrast with the soaring spire of the medieval St John’s. Is this more crass than the view of the soaring spire of London’s Shard viewed through the pinnacles of Southwark Cathedral? Or is the latter more aesthetically pleasing? Bad neighbours or good neighbours?

Shard spire

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Bad neighbours 2

Bad neighbours 2

An example of crass sixties brutalism sits next door to Edward Everard’s exquisite Printing Works, an Art Nouveau façade designed in 1900.

Simply referencing some details (arch, bricks, tiling, scale) don’t guarantee that this works as a ‘good neighbour’.

To think that the Art Nouveau design was nearly demolished in 1967 for yet more anonymous façades…

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Bad neighbours 1

Bad neighbours 1
Bad neighbours 1

On the right, one of the gates to Kensington Palace.
Each pillar is surmounted by one of the Royal Coat of Arms supporters, the lion and the unicorn, the first for England, the second for Scotland, adopted after the union of the two countries at the beginning of the 18th century.
Wrought iron railings and gates guard the approach; bicycles take advantage of them; carriage lamps light the way.

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