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Good 3

Stokes Croft, Bristol

Another example of individuality within conformity.

Red brick and uniform shop frontages unite the ensemble.

On the left, a Dutch gable tops off a severely classical façade. In the centre sits a utilitarian design, probably fronting a workshop or warehouse. On the right a more Baroque interpretation is also surmounted by a Dutch-inspired pediment with the merest hint of curves.

You might just spot a 20th-century building peeping over the top, but despite being brick-faced for me its height and mass would not class it as a Good Neighbour.

Repost from March 27th 2013

Good neighbours


Kensington High St

Kensington High Street, like many shopping thoroughfares, has so much to distract at ground level that it’s easy to miss a lot of what’s above head height. Continue reading “Neighbourly”

Good neighbours


Good neighbours 1
Good neighbours get on with each other.

Though there’s a mishmash of materials (bricks of different hues, varying windows) there is still human scale, level street frontage and interesting detailing.

While the vertical scale rises to the left (or, if you prefer, descends to the right) there is no jarring inappropriateness.

And yet while all the facades are individual none aim to dominate the others entirely. If only all architecture in London was as polite.

Repost from 24th February 2013

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Great Dixter

Great Dixter House, Northiam, East Sussex

On the eve of February, the last official month of winter in the northern hemisphere, I thought you’d like to be reminded of the colourful end of last summer: through February I shall be posting one photo a day from the pictures I took of the gardens at Great Dixter early last September

Good neighbours

Good neighbours 6: BBC Bristol

BBC Bristol

A peek at part of BBC Bristol, Whiteladies Road, Bristol

A sympathetic 1980s extension of the old 1934 BBC studios begins at the left.
Picking up architectural details, scale, proportions, texture and colour from the traditionally sober original, the new buildings managed to avoid the brutalism of the sixties as well as the ubiquitous Toytown façades that were all the rage elsewhere in the city in the eighties.
The effect is only let down by the crass insertion of a vent in the left hand blind entrance and a failure to reinstate the missing urn, the shadow staining of which is still visible.

Good neighbours

Good neighbours 4

BBC Broadcasting House
BBC Broadcasting House, London, February 2013

One can quibble with a couple of details, but the 2013 addition to the original 1922 Arc Deco Broadcasting House is sympathetic in scale, colour and use of materials.
Though symmetry is suggested, a closer examination shows that a lot of licence has been taken, especially with the curved linking building in which the main entrance is located.
The pedestrian-only forecourt and the enclosing arms of the wings suggest a public-friendly approach by the BBC.
Let’s hope that in the wake of recent scandals the public remain friendly to Auntie Beeb.

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Portals 6

London portals

Much of central London seems to double as a stage set, and this scene (I’m pretty sure it’s Piccadilly) is like something out of a Renaissance theatre design.

I was particularly struck by the way the eye is led through the arches, though it’s hard to resist the urge to look upwards.
It’s also unnerving that many of the different façades are not at right angles to each other.

Intriguing enough to take a snap of it, at the very least.

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Reflections 3: canal

Regent's Canal mansion
Regent’s Canal mansion

A couple of the handful of mansions that overlook Regent’s Canal, aloof and disdainful of the hoi-polloi that pass on the towpath on the opposite bank.
Or is that just green-eyed Envy speaking? Continue reading “Reflections 3: canal”