Egg Nog


The very name “eggnog” sounds magical to my ears, like something Mr Tumnus or Mrs Beaver would serve up to keep out the wintery Narnian chill. Possibly it really does have actual magical properties because not only does one slurp bewitch you into dreaming of the winter holidays, it’s medicinal credentials are as potent as a well crafted restorative spell too. I’m not going to go into the individual benefits of each ingredient. Look them up if you like. Or read Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon. But it’s worth knowing that it’s the combination of ingredients that makes the recipe nutritionally greater than the sum of its parts.

Served cold for breakfast it keeps me going until lunchtime. Served warm (not hot) and whisked to a froth at night and I know I’m in for a good nights sleep. Right now I’m…

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Campanópolis, la ciudad de Campana

Extraordinary collection of recycled buildings near Buenos Aires.

Cerca de Buenos Aires...

Hasta hace un año y medio no sabía que existía este lugar, a pesar de estar tan cerca de Buenos Aires. De hecho, la mayor parte de la gente que vive aquí no sabe de su existencia. Se encuentra en González Catán, Partido de La Matanza, a solo 30 km. de la Capital. Cuando me hablaron por primera vez de Campanópolis fue tal mi asombro que comencé a buscar información, fotografías y, a medida que encontraba datos, iba creciendo mi curiosidad. Es que no es habitual visitar, acá nomas, una suerte de aldea con callejuelas, molinos, pasajes, torres, castillos, esculturas, fuentes…

Es mágico, como estar en un cuento…

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Flash! Breaking news … update on the pissotte saga

Now these aren’t items you usually come across!
Some more of those ‘little things in life’, this time in Venice, reblogged from ytaba36

Hello World

You know how some folks say those things in the corners in Venice are to deter the male of the human species from relieving themselves?

And others say, “No, they were there in the bad old days, before Edison had his light-bulb moment, and the streets were all dark, and these things stopped the thugs from hiding and leaping out to do whatever thugs do”.  (Are you still with me?)

Here’s a thing in a corner, to refresh your memory:


Well, someone posted a photo of one of these things on Facebook, and the battle was on, with the respondents (all Venetians) firmly split into one of the 2 camps. But, the comment I liked best (probably because I agreed with the fellow) had this to say:

Avete ragione tutti e due. i più antichi, spesso ornati con immagini sacre sulla sommità, servivano da deterrente ai criminali. quelli più moderni…

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I’ve got a golden ticket

Worth voting for Kate Shrewsday. Penguin has run a competition. They want a Penguin Wayfarer: someone to walk Britain during the Summer, chronicling the journey, talking about paths old and new, exploring the stories and myths that surround them. The Wayfarer will share in writing, in film, and in tweets. Kate ( has reached the final twenty…

Kate Shrewsday

Let’s just, for a moment, overlook the fact that Grandpa, in that classic first make of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, is not the one who has won the golden ticket.

He’s happy.

In fact, the ticket winner is little Charlie. Cheer-up Charlie. Charlie, against whom the odds were stacked so high they must surely have crushed him. Charlie, who stood for honest-to-goodness integrity in the face of gluttony, avarice and greed. Whilst others got their parents and promoters to spend outrageous sums for the one thing they could not have automatically, Charlie relied on fate to bring the golden ticket to him.

But we all join Grandpa in being elated. In incredulity that finally, just perhaps, the tide of unfortunate events might be about to change.

And of course, for Grandpa, and for Charlie, life was about to alter forever.

This does not happen in real life.

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