Sculpture 3: Amazons

Amazon 1

Amazons fighting male Greek warriors:
Amazonomachy is the technical term for their conflict.

Sculptured friezes, British Museum. Continue reading “Sculpture 3: Amazons”


Sculpture 9

Hoa Hakananai’a
Hoa Hakananai’a

The famous thousand-year-old Easter Island statue Hoa Hakananai’a in the British Museum.
Taken from Rapa Nui in 1868 and acquired by the museum the next year.
The carvings on the back (not shown) were added later to the statue while it was in situ.
Standing nearly two and a half metres high Hoa Hakananai’a dominates Room 24, dedicated to the theme Living and Dying.

A transcript of the BBC radio broadcast on this object in its series A History of the World in 100 Objects.

Sculpture · Stone heads

Stone head 7

BM head

Roman female head, Northamptonshire, in British Museum

According to the British Museum this stone head is “probably a finial from a monumental tomb alongside Watling Street”.

With its mix of British and Roman styles, the distinctive carving of the eyes recall ‘Celtic’ heads such as this medieval corbel from Pembrokeshire while the other details, such as the flatness of the sculpture, are reminiscent of Roman theatre masks.

Such an arresting expression, even in its damaged state.

Sculpture · Stone heads

Sculpture 1


Everybody knows the famous Parthenon horse head in the British Museum, with its flaring nostrils.

This isn’t it, however.

This example, also Greek, is in a less frequented part of the building where you can view the exhibits without being jostled.
I’m not into horses at all but I was impressed by this.